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Comic-Con 2012 Recap


Marvel: What to watch on Netflix

Marvel has a lot of different and fantastic options on Netflix. I had no idea, but as soon as I got obsessed with Avengers, I knew I had to continue my obsession. Although I have gotten much more into comics, I also love to watch movies/tv, which is why Netflix turned out to be such a huge help. Take a look at my list of much watch Marvel features on Netflix:

Earth's Mightiest Heroes:

This was a huge surpise for me. When I think of animation/catroons, I think of childish storylines and cheesy writing/plots. But with EMH, I got a fantastic story, filled with likable characters and very witty dialouge. Marvel has tried to tie this in with their movie verse, in the sense where Hawkeye joins the team, and Natash Romanoff is also featured in parts of the series. I would reccomnd this to anyone who wants to get more into the Marvel saga, and to anyone who just enjoys a great story. The episodes build on each other and plots can sometimes drag out for episodes, instead of ending during a single 22 minute episode. Trust me, please, please watch this. You won't be dissapointed.


Yes, THOR is on Netflix! The liveaction hit staring Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder has made its way onto Netflix. I'm hoping since this is on Netflix, Marvel will soon release the first Iron Man and then Captain America.

Iron Man 2

This has been on Netflix for several months now, but I have to admit, it is probably my most played movie. It's not my favorite within the Marvel universe, but even though the movie has faults and doesn't flow as well as I'd like, I think it could possibly be one of my favorites to rewatch. Downey destroys this movie. His and Pepper's (Gywenth Paltrow) interactions are hilarious and could be some of my favorite scenes in the film. And who doesn't love Sam Rockwell?

Iron Man: Extremis

Before you watch this I encourage you to read the comic-book first. But if reading isn't your thing, than this motion comic will be more than enough to get you invested in Tony Stark's life. After Marvel released the promo art for Iron Man 3, many are assuming that Tony Stark is going to be dealing directly with the Extremis. (The suit becomes a part of him in a sense)

Ultimate Avengers

I really enjoyed watching this, the second one.. well I just wasn't as big of a fan. But this is another Orgin story of the Avengers and is based off the comic book of the same name.


There are a few shows on Netflix that feature Spiderman as the main character. I think the Spiderman show released in 2003 is really good, and I also enjoyed Spiderman: Unlimited. Spiderman has recently turned out to be one of my favorite superheroes simply because now I understand what Stan Lee always says. We all can relate to Peter and his awkwardness.


The X-Men have 3 shows on Netflix. My personal favorite is Astonishing X-Men, but there are only 6 episodes. So after you finish that you can turn to X-Men or X-Men Vs Wolverine.

Those are just a few of my favorites, and I'm hoping to get through all of Marvel's awesome tv shows on Netflix by the end of summer. Earth's MIghtiest Heroes is probably my favorite thing that I've watched on Netflix, and have told tons of people to watch it. Marvel offiaclly canceled it (it's so good, not sure why) in favor of a new series titled Avengers. I'm assuming this new series will have much more to do with Marvel movie-verse and will fous on tying everything together.

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