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5 Things We Loved From Tonight's Doctor Who

Posted by Christina Cooper on May 14, 2011 at 10:37 PM


The first Three episodes of BBC's Doctor Who have been fabulous.  This one is no different.   The title, The Doctor's Wife, already had fans freaking out over who the Doctor's wife would be.  Like most fans, I thought this episode would be about the Doctor, and River, who most fans think is the Doctor's wife.  The theory was an awesome one, but after realizing that River would not be back for three more episodes, the theories got even crazier.  It was an excellent episode overall, and was penned by the Whovian loved writer, Neil Gaiman.

5. Bunk Beds Are Cool


Matt Smith delivered some extremely funny/witty lines in this weeks Doctor Who episode, but his bunk bed comment priceless.  "Bunk Beds are cool!" is just another line that makes me love Matt Smith even more.  He's been an awesome Doctor, and has really proved to me (Along with most fans) that he can have the heart of kid, but also switch gears and have the emotional range of a 900-year-old Time Lord.  

4. Rory Dies Again..

It's not that we love Rory dying, it's just that we love that it's become an inside joke within the fandom, that even the writing team at Doctor Who can poke fun at it.  Most fans have started to call Rory, Kenny.  I can't blame them.  I believe that Rory's death count it up to six.  

3. The Tenth Doctor's TARDIS

I miss Tennant, and it was great to see him again, even if it was just though his TARDIS.  And it turned out to be the only way that Matt Smith's Doctor could save the Tardis was through Tennant's Tardis. 

2. The only water in the forest is the River. 


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  I'm guessing when the Tardis uttered this sentence she was talking about River Song.  And there's a chance that the forest could be The Library, where River died during the fourth season.  But what does the water stand for?  I did love this line because it made River apart of this episode, even though she wasn't in it.  

1. The TARDIS (Sexy) in female form. 


There's only one word that comes to mind when I think about how perfectly the TARDIS was in human form, and that's Brilliant.  Suranne Jones was perfectly balanced the Tardis' flirting with the seriousness of the episode.  One of my favorite parts had to be when the Tardis reminded the Doctor that he calls her Sexy!  It was hilarious.  But another great part was when the Tardis thought that Rory was the pretty one.  

All around, it was a great episode, and a personal favorite of mine.  It proved to me that stand alone episodes can still be as awesome as the mythology ones.  Although last weeks episode wasn't as awesome as I had hoped, this episode did everything right in a 'one and done' type of episode.  It had everything a single episode should have: a childlike Time Lord, The Tardis, Amy/Rory  running for there lives, and of course, a dead Rory.  

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