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Marvel Wows At Comic-Con

Posted by Christina Cooper on July 18, 2012 at 11:00 PM


Marvel has always known how to impress the fanboys (and girls) at comic-con, and this year was no exception. Although I didn't make it into Hall H for the actual panel, I spent most of my weekend stalking the Marvel booth, taking hundreds of pictures of Tony's newest Iron Man suit. I was also able to score a ticket to the signing with Shane Black and Don Cheadle which was pretty damn sweet. Anyways, lets get to the good stuff. What did Marvel announce/confirm/deny at comic-con last weekend?!!

Iron Man 3


Well, from what I've heard, the footage was absolutely incredible. It confirmed the big bad in this film will be The Manderin, who is played by the flawless Ben Kingsley. The reports I've read about the footage say that Happy made a jive at Tony for being off with his gang of Avengers, which I'm hoping isn't the only shout out we get to the Avengers. Kevin Feige was asked if the Hulk was going to make a cameo in Iron Man 3, and he resounded with 'no'. Now, many of us think that this doesn't count out a cameo from Bruce Banner, since the questioner only asked about the Hulk, Banner's alter-ego. Since we've already gotten confirmation that Black Widow will NOT be in Iron Man 3, I would love to see another Avenger have some sort of cameo. And after all of the awesome 'Science Bros' moments we got between Bruce and Tony, how could they not have those two interact at some point? I've also been reading that Shane Black is working very hard at making this a stand-alone, Tony Stark, movie, and not just another add on to the Avengers. Iron Man 2 was ridiculed by fans and critics alike for being too much of a set up of Avengers, and not enough just Tony time.

I haven't watched the panel yet, but I'm going to try and get around to it some time this week. In the meantime, I also read an interesting rumor that Pepper Potts may be donning the Iron Man Resuce armor!? Not sure how true this rumor is, I think it's mostly fans dreaming it up, but it would be awesome to see Marvel head in that direction with Pepper. Oh, and if Marvel plans to make Maya Hansen break up Pepper and Tony, I'm going to have some words with them. See more about my shipping wars in Captain Ameriac 2: The Winter Soldier. Also, if you're a comic book reader make sure you check out Extremis, since I'm pretty sure, that's the direction Marvel is planning on taking Tony in Iron Man 3.

Thor 2: The Dark World" />


This has been officially confirmed by Marvel and given the title The Dark World. The release date is November 8, 2013 (fuck, that seems sooooo far away). Although I'm not exactly sure what this is about since they haven't even started shooting, Kevin Feige did say that one of the main focusses of the movie would be Thor and Jane. I'm not sure where the movie will take place, but I'm sorta hoping it's on Asgard since we didn't get to see as much of it as I wanted in the first Thor. Loki will be back, but not as the Big Bad, which leads many people to believe that this role will be left open for The Enchantress. Chris Hemsworth has stated in a few interviews that he thinks Charlize Theron should play her, and I could not agree more.

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier


WOW, the title alone is making me more excited about this than any other Marvel projects. As soon as Bucky fell off the train, I discussed for hours with friends if Marvel would bring him back as The Winter Soldier. And, Winter Soldier is one of my favorite comics that I pick up each week. Sebastan Stan has already confirmed that he is coming back for captain America 2. For those that aren't familiar with the marvel universe, although Cap thinks Bucky is dead, instead he is discovered by the Russians, brainwashed and turned into a black ops killing machine. Think a male version of Natasha Romanoff. In the comics, Winter Soldier has a publication that is running now (I think their in the 10th issue?!) and him and Natasha are together in it. It makes sense right?! They were both brainwashed, and need each other to get their lives back and understand what happened to them. I'm hoping Marvel doesn't go that route with Natasha. I'm saddened that Marvel still hasn't shown any real interest in a solo Black Widow movie, but if they did, I'd assume that Clint Barton would play a large supporting role.


I'm hoping that Marvel decides to go against the cannon in the comics and chose to make their own decisions about the future of Bucky and Natasha. Although, as of know, we have no confirmation of Barton or Romanoff in Captain America 2, the last rumor I read about them, did have them being love interests and supporting characters to Steve Rogers. They did have a few scenes with just Steve in the Avengers and I'd love to see as many of the Avengers crashing into each-other's movies as possible.


Guardien's of the Galaxy


I know relatively nothing about Guardians of the Galaxy, and have been sort of down on the project since Marvel let it slip a few weeks ago that this was their second movie slated for 2014.  I had been hoping for a Black Widow movie, but I'm hoping by 2015 Marvel decides they can make a kick ass movie with a female lead.  Anyways, the photo above is the promo art that Marvel released at Comic-Con on Saturday.  The team consists of Star-Lord, superhuman warrior Drax the Destroyer, the genetically-engineered Rocker Raccoon, giant tree-creature Groot and Gamora (who was created by the evil Thanos to be a weapon!).  This movie is going to be a much tougher sell for Marvel than Avengers.  

Ant Man


Most people know that Edgar Wright shot some test footage for Ant-Man, and most of us were hoping that it would be shown at Comic-Con.  He surprised fans at the Con when he showed up, unannounced, and brought his test footage!  I've heard the test footage is super cool.  I'm a bit nervous that an audience won't be able to get into a movie about a small (ant-sized) person.  


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