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Harry Potter DVDs are disapparating from stores on Dec 29

Posted by Christina Cooper on October 26, 2011 at 6:05 PM

Yes you read that right.  For some reason (Greed) Warner Brothers has decided to send all the Harry Potter DVDs to their equivalent to the Disney Vault.  If you're not familiar with the Disney Vault, it's a place that Disney keeps all of its classic movies hidden, and only brings them out for special DVD releases. Meaning, you can't find Aladdin, Lion King, Snow White, or Beauty and the Beast in stores until Disney decides to take it out of the vault. Warner Brothers has opted for the same treatment for Harry Potter

I shouldn't be that mad, since I already own 7 Potter films on DVD and have already asked for the final one for Christmas.  But, the other part of me loves walking into Target and seeing all the Harry Potter movies lined up next to each other.  I get nostalgic, and then I usually go home and pop a Potter film in.  Warner Brothers has decided that they want to make even more money from the Potter franchise and will be releasing special editions every few years.  I've heard rumors of a massive edition being released in 2012, so if you want to buy the whole set, I'd wait to spend it on that, rather than the 4-disk special edition of Deathly Hallows Part 2.  

If Warner Brothers wants Potter fans back on their side they should give us what we want, which is a gag reel, featuring everyone in the cast, and an awesome commentary (for any movie) featuring all main members of the cast (this means Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman thank you very much).  

As I final warning, if you want to own the Harry Potter movies on DVD, you had better pick them up before December 29, or you're gonna be forced to use ebay.  

How do you feel about Warner Brothers taking Harry Potter DVDs out of stores?

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Reply Rachael Severtson
4:36 PM on November 7, 2011 
um excuse me what?? I have always hated the idea of the Disney vault, and I know that if Walt was alive today he would also hate it, so what the frak is wrong with warner bros, at least with the disney movies some of them have been out for 30 or 50 years, the harry potter movies have only been around for ten...also does this include the last movie because if so, its only going to hurt their sales, it just doesnt make any sense to me. also any movie that is in the vault isnt available on netflix...and that would definitely not be good for the franchise. I also own all the movies but what about new fans? what happens to little kids who start reading the books and want to watch the movies but cant find them anywhere for a reasonable price?? i have a feeling that JK rowling wouldnt agree to this if she had any say, though i'm sure she doesnt, I'd also like to know what the cast thinks I doubt they would approve. harry potter is supposed to be something that continues to be loved by every generation and this is only going to hinder that from happening.
I do agree about the gag reel though that would be awesome
Reply cd
12:51 AM on December 8, 2011 
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