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Video: JK Rowling talks about 'The Perfect Hermione'

Posted by Christina Cooper on October 12, 2011 at 8:10 PM

It's weird to think that before Hermione Granger, most girls would be embarrassed to be 'clever' or 'smart' in front of boys.  But one of the big lessons that I learned from Harry Potter, was that it was okay for me to be smart, and try hard in school.  Take a look at this special video, which is a preview to a special segment (The Women of Harry Potter) that is going to be on the Deathly Hallows Part 2 DVD.  


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Hearing JK Rowling talk about how Emma was the perfect Hermione may or may not bring a tear to my eye. And just hearing Emma talk about how Jo had written a letter to her, and callin her 'The pefect Hermione'...  I know that personally, I'd always felt a bit put off by Emma.  It's probably because as a girl, I'd always imagined myself as Hermione, running off and having adventures with Ron and Harry.. But I think my bigget problem with Emma is that she almost left the series after the fifth movie.  

She ended up staying, saying that she couldn't bear to see anyone else playing Hermione. But looking back, I really have started to see her as Hermione.  Since I was a fan of the books before the movies came out, I was one of the luck few that actually got to imagine Ron, Harry and Hermione in my mind, before they were cast in the films.  I have different images of Ron and Harry, but for me, Emma actually jumps to mind when I think of Hermione.. 

What do you guys think of Emma Watson?  Is she "your" Hermione, or do you imagine some different?

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Reply Emz
1:09 PM on January 21, 2012 
She's not my Hermione. I quite like her in the first and second films as she really is as bossy and annoying as I imagine her to be, but as the films go on she just gets more... normal. She's just a normal girl who happens to be quite clever, as opposed to the brilliant, brave, sometimes vulnerable, still annoying, lovely Hermione. And of course, she is far too pretty and not geeky enough to look the part.
I don't really mind though. Daniel Radcliffe is not my Harry and Rupert Grint is not my Ron; I tend to watch the films and just think of it as a different entity to how I see the books. I can still enjoy them :)