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Video: Awesome dad records kids reaction to Empire Strikes Back

Posted by Christina Cooper on October 4, 2011 at 3:55 AM


We all remember our first time watching The Empire Strikes Back.  We sat on the couch, in my case, I was sitting next to my dad, and watched as the greatest movie I've ever seen unfolded before my eyes.  My dad still tells the story of how my jaw dropped, and turned to him, my eyes wide with fear, when I heard Vader tell Luke that he was his father.. I'm sure we all responded in a very similar way (mostly shock). But, not all of us were lucky enough to get that reaction to one of the greatest moments in film history on film.  But because of the worlds obsession with technology, a dad was able to record his sons reaction to the end of Empire.  Warning: cuteness ahead!


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(via Reddit)

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