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For the nerd in all of us

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The Guild Cast is Just As Nerdy As Us!

Posted by Christina Cooper on September 7, 2011 at 8:00 PM


Last night, I drove down to Meltdown Comic's on Sunset and attended the Nerdist podcast with the cast of the online web series, The Guild!  I've only been watched The Guild for a year, but it's gotten better and better each season.  The cast is amazing, and really grateful to their fans.  I met most of the cast sans Sandeep and Felicia at  Wizard Con in Anaheim this past year.  The podcast was hilarous.  I'm actually embarassed to say that I've never been to Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Podcast before.  But last night made me want to go back as soon as possible. 


I don't want to spoil to much about the podcast in case any of you want to listen to it when it premiers on   But, I will tell you it was absolutley hilarious.  Felicia Day is as big of a nerd as we are.  The girls had just gotten back from Dragon Con the night befofre and told us all these stories about how much fun the guys had when they were there last year.  After the podcast, the cast was nice enough to stick around and do a free signing and take pictures! 


I talked to Amy Okuda about the difference between Comic-Con and Dragon Con, and she basically told me that Dragon Con is one large partry, verses how Comic-Con is for the big studios... I can tell that I made a mistake when I didn't attend Dragon Con this year.  I love Comic-Con.  A lot.  But, they way the cast talked about Dragon Con, makes me realize just how fun that convention is.  Dragon Con is all about the fans.. 

When I went up for autographs after the Podcast I asked Felicia Day if she was able to get any other Battlestar Galactica cast members on the show.  They screened the seventh episode of the season for us and there was a guest star from the BSG universe!  I asked her if she could get Katee Sackhoff on the show, but she told me that she doesn't know Katee.  But she did completely nerd out and tell me that her and the girls had dinner at Dragon Con with the cast of Battlestar!  She mentioned Eddie James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Aaron Douglas, and Tricia Helfer and said when she sat with them at dinner she was just as starstruck as we would be!

If you're looking for a geeky show about real people (that also involves the gaming world) then look no further.  The Guild is for you.  Felicia Day stars, produces, edits and writes for the show, which means it's written for nerds, by nerds.  You can watch the first four seasons on Youtube or Netflix.  And you can watch the fifth season on Xbox!  

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