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Doctor Who: 5 Questions About Let's Kill Hitler!

Posted by Christina Cooper on August 31, 2011 at 3:10 AM

5.  Is River the person in the astraunat suit that kills the Doctor?

The mini-borrowers seemed to think that killing River would grant them more vacation days than if they killed Hitler.  They said that River killed the Doctor, but still, wouldn't it be too obvious if River is the person in the astronaut suit??  So is the River in the suit the little girl that regenerated into Mels in New York City at the end of Day of the Moon? I feel like Steven Moffat has something up his sleeve..

4. What is The Question?

The mini-borrowers stated that Silence Will Fall when the Question was asked. But what question is it?  A lot of people think that it has something to do with who the Doctor is.. But then again, the Doctor has only been alive for 900 years, and the universe has been around for much longer. What can the oldest question in the universe be?  And what does the Silence have to do with it?

3. What does Silence Will Fall Really Mean?

When quizzed about it, the miniature people's robot said Silence will fall when the oldest question in the universe is asked.  It also stated that the Silence are not a species, but they are in fact a Religious Group.  I thought that the Doctor had prevented the Silence from carrying out their evil deeds at the end of Day of the Moon, but obviously there is more to their story than I had thought. 

2. Did Amy and Rory leave River again?

After searching for River for months, the Doctor and Amy and Rory find her again.. We all realize that River was actually Amy and Rory's childhood friend Mel, but once she regenerates into the River Song we know, she attempts to kill the Doctor.  But then, she saves the Doctor.  (Which is the reason she doesn't regenerate when she dies for David Tennent's Tenth Doctor in Silence of the Library.  

1.  Now that the Doctor knows his death date, what can he do to prevent it?

We saw that the Doctor gazed upon his date of death, April 22, 2011.  Now that he knows, is he going to try and prevent it in someway? The mini-people in the robot mentioned that time can be rewritten, like Kennedy said, (are they referring to JFK?), but how much would the Doctor not dying screw up the entire universe? What does the Doctor have up his sleeve?

I hope you guys enjoyed Let's Kill Hitler  as much as I did!  

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