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Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler Prequel!

Posted by Christina Cooper on August 15, 2011 at 5:00 PM

I know I've been missing for the past two weeks, but in that span of time I got a lot accomplished!  One of the things I got to cross of my list was finish Doctor Who.  After watching all of season 4, and the specials that followed, I can now fully understand why people loved David Tennant so much.  Matt Smith is the polar opposite of Tennant, and now I totally understand why people were so against him being the Doctor after Tennant regenerated.  

And can we spend a minute talking about how awesome Donna Noble is, and just how much i hate Roger T. Davies for making her character forget everything!  Donna and the Doctor may have been my favorite Doctor/Companion, but the way their relationship ended really kills me.  At least with Rose and the Doctor, there was some type of closure/happy ending.  But poor Donna lost her memory, and we as the fans were forced to watch as the Doctor struggled to come to terms with it.  

When season 6 of Doctor Who returns in two weeks, we're going to be treated to a special episode where the Doctor faces off against (or maybe saves the life of) Adolf Hitler.  The last episode we saw, A Good Man Goes to War,  left us with an evil cliffhanger where Amy and Rory realized that River was their daughter.  The Doctor was on his way to rescue a young River.  Earlier this morning, The BBC released the prequel for Let's Kill Hitler.  Take a look:


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Although the prequel wasn't as creepy or as awesome as the Impossible Astronaut prequel trailer, it still has succeeded in making the next two weeks feel like a lifetime until the new episode.  The prequel takes place almost exactly where A Good Man Goes to War leaves off, with the Doctor traveling alone in the TARDIS.   As I watched the trailer, I came up with 4 burning questions!

Why is the Doctor calling himself?

The first person that leaves a message for the Doctor, is the Doctor.  Wouldn't the Doctor remember calling himself? It seems like he's in trouble..  

Why would the Doctor not be answering Amy's Calls?

Why wouldn't the Doctor be answering Amy's calls?  Amy is the Doctor's best friend, and he always goes to her when she calls.  Maybe he hasn't been successful in finding River, and can't bare to face Amy.  

Where is River Song?

I'm assuming that adult River went back to Stormcage after explaining her heritage to Amy, Rory and the Doctor at Demon's Run.   And we saw a little girl regenerate at the end of Day of the Moon, and I think it's safe to assume that the girl is River.  But does the Doctor have any idea where she is?

Where are Rory and Amy?

Amy seems to be safe, but where are they?  Are the still at Demon's Run, or did they hitch a ride back to Earth?  And when will they reunite with the Doctor!  Obviously it will be during Let's Kill Hitler.... 

What did you think of the Let's Kill Hitler Prequel??

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