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The End is Here: 'Hallows' Delivers an Epic End to Potter

Posted by Christina Cooper on July 14, 2011 at 5:24 PM

Like most fans, I looked at the final Harry Potter film as the end of my childhood. I spent days dreading having to go to the final film, not really read to say goodbye. But, after getting to attend a special screening last night via the amazing Geoff Boucher (Hero Complex), I was blown away by how absolutely awesome the final movie was. Part 2 picks up directly where Part 1 ends, and doesn’t stop to catch its breath. Although I thought the beginning was a bit slow, the film picked up once the trio got to Gringotts. For those that don’t know the storyline for Deathly Hallows Part 2, here it is! Harry, along with Ron and Hermione, attempts to complete his journey to defeat all of Voldemort’s horcruxes. This journey will eventually lead him to Hogwarts, where the final battle of good verses evil will begin.

First and foremost, I have to mention just how amazing the acting is in this film. The cinematography and the pace of the film was phenomenal, but the acting… There are really no words I can use to describe just how amazing the acting was. Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman both deserve acting nominations from the Academy. If they get overlooked again, then I might have to subscribe to the theory that the Oscars hate Harry Potter. Maggie Smith was born to play Professor McGonagall. She steals the film even though she’s not in that much of it. She’s fierce in battle, but her simple line to Harry (“It’s good to see you, Potter”) was so heartwarming, that it brought a few tears to my eye.

Alan Rickman has always been the perfect Snape. His mannerisms, voice, and walk are exactly how I imagined Snape to be on screen. He gave so much depth and poise to a character who has been generally extremely hated by Potter fans. The Prince’s Tale was something I had been looking forward to seeing on screen since I had read the book, actually exceeded by expectations. The memories of both Lily and Snape were remarkable, and I though Yates did a really good job of adding James Potter in for even more drama. I don’t want to give too much away, but Yates did add in some incredible moments (like Snape visiting Godric’s Hollow after Voldemort had killed Lily) that added even more to Snape’s character.

I’ve watched Dan, Rupert and Emma grow-up as adults, and of course watched them grow as actors. Dan made Harry so real, and so sad. The audience really feels broken when Harry is walking into the forest to die. That’s all Dan. Emma made Hermione feel and act like a person, since most of the time Hermione is seen as just a smart bookworm. Rupert is the one person in the trio who really stands out to me. Personally, I always thought that screenwriter Steve Kloves underused Rupert and only used him for the comic relief, but this film is Ron’s moment to shine. Rupert brings the maturity and courageous Ron from the books to life on screen.


The movie was incredible. There were some moments, like the Epilogue and The Prince’s Tale, which I thought were actually better in the movie than in the books! David Yates had an incredible vision for this final movie, that really brought out the best part of JK Rowling’s writing. In order to be courteous to readers who haven’t seen the movie yet, I'm going to save a more in-depth review for later on in the weekend. I’ll also be writing a bit about what David Yates had to say in his Q and A after the film. But I will say this: David said that this is JK Rowling’s favorite film. And I think once you see it, you’re going to love it too.

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Reply Kimberly Morris
1:44 AM on July 25, 2011 
You always talked up the hype of the kissing scene and you were so excited they didnt release it in previews. I loved it, and I loved how Ron and Hermoine just laughed after. It showed their friendship and their love and brought their personality into the character. Does that make sense?

The entire Snape scene and memory was literally perfection and my jaw was like dropped open the whole time. I saw [i think] you put on Rachaels facebook that maybe the movie was insinuating that Snape was Harry's dad, not James. I sort of felt like that, but I know its not true. His love for Lily was, though!

I loved the end part where their kids are going to 9 3/4 and how his son is named after Snape and Dumbledore. Awesome. Although Ginny hair, WTF it was just plain bad.


Reply Rachael Severtson
3:30 PM on August 6, 2011 
There is soo much I want to say about this amazing film but I feel like we would do it more justice if we in tenni's car on the way to innout having one of our many lengthy harry potter discussions. but have to agree that the princes tale was just so epic, Yates did an absolutely amazing job with the entire sequence, Alan Rickman was flawless in every movie but he really showed how far he could take the character in this one. I just loved it soooo much
PS. Kim youre dumb
Reply curbida
8:41 PM on July 15, 2020 
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