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Harry Potter Reread: The Chamber of Secrets

Posted by Christina Cooper on July 10, 2011 at 12:26 AM

Reading this book took me far longer than I thought it would.  I breezed through Philosopher's Stone, but found myself struggling to get through Chamber of Secrets.  It's not the length, because as we know, Chamber, is one of the shortest books.  But it's still a really important book to the series as a whole (aren't they all?).  

While reading, I came across some very interesting topics for discussion. First off, two interesting facts.. Both the Necklace and the Vanishing Cabinet are mentioned in this movie.  Both objects play a large role in Draco Malfoy's plot against Dumbledore in Half-Blood Prince.  This is one of the main reasons JK Rowling is a master at her craft. The way she set things up, several books in advance, is simply remarkable.  

One of my favorite lines in the whole series, "You will also find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it" (Chamber 264). This line strikes something within me.  Dumbledore has so much faith in the school, and he knows that no matter who's in charge, as long as people remain faithful to his causes, the school will remain strong.  And five years later, the school springs into action to protect Harry Potter from Lord Voldemort.  It's little lines that this, that really make the series even better.


After reading this book, it's easy to see just how much Harry and Tom Riddle had in common. Both considered Hogwarts a home, and both deeply regretting having to leave for the summer holidays.  Riddle actually asked Dumbledore is he could stay at Hogwarts instead of returning to the muggle orphanage he attended during the summers. It's these comparisons that make even a monster as evil as Voldemort seem like a human being.  

One huge plot line that has always annoyed me was the fact that Dumbledore never made the connection between the Chamber of Secrets/The Basalisk/Moaning Myrtle.  Why did no one care to see how Myrtle died?  Wouldn't they know she's been killed by being petrified?  


And finally, I'd like to mention Dobby, the bravest House Elf in the world.  Dobby risked his life, multiple times, in order to try and save Harry's life, even though he'd never met him.  Dobby was always in a cheery mood, and never thought twice about putting himself in danger to save another life.  

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