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Geeky Weekly Roundup #6

Posted by Christina Cooper on April 28, 2011 at 7:07 PM

Our annual Thursday column filled with everything a geek finds awesome.

This week is no different.  



As I mentioned a few weeks ago, it seems like I get obsessed with one TV Show or movie every week, and spend most of my time blogging about that.  This week, it was all about Doctor Who.  I finished the 5th season, and am now watching the Tenth Doctor's first season (season 2).   I just finished the episode that guest stared Elisabeth Sladen, as Sarah Jane Smith.  It was flawless, and pretty interesting that the Doctor's earlier companion interacted with his new one.  My favorite scene in the show had to be when Rose and Sarah laughed about how the Doctor caresses the TARDIS.  

Superman: American No More

It seems that Superman, the man who stands for truth, justice and the American way, has turned his back against America.  Most websites are claiming that only the right wing nut jobs are going to be mad about this, but I just can't agree with them.  Superman has protected America, and the world, for his whole life.  And he did it using the American Way.  How do you guys feel about Superman dropping the American from his tagline?


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