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Do Hogwarts Students go to Kindergarten?

Posted by Christina Cooper on March 30, 2011 at 7:55 PM


Hogwarts is probably the coolest school to ever exist in any universe. (Except maybe Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters….) Their classes are all very exciting and seem to be very hands on. On their very first day of Transfiguration, they were already trying to transfigure a match into a needle (You’ll remember that Hermione Granger was the only person who was able to do it). They learn how to brew potions almost at once and they seemed essentially bored to death while taking Professor Binn’s History of Magic course. How come the students at Hogwarts don’t take a foreign language class, or an English course where they could read literature written by famous wizards and witches? Where are the creative arts classes?

                  Students are forced to be very "hands on" in their Potions class

We know that Hermione and Harry (along with other muggle raised students) attended grade school before getting their Hogwarts letters. But what do wizarding families like the Weasleys and Malfoys do? The wizarding world is very similar to the medieval times, when families would teach their children the basics to reading and writing. I’m sure the Malfoys hired Draco a private tutor, but what did the Weasley’s do. Did Molly essentially home school all seven of her kids before sending them to Hogwarts?

As you enter higher grades, you’re allowed to take elective courses that range from Divination to Muggle Studies. These courses may seem interesting, but what exactly are the students learning from them? At least in both Potions an Transfiguration, students focus on both theory and then implement what they’ve learned. After reading the series, it seems classes like Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic are a complete joke. And when are the students getting physical education? They take a required flying class their first year, but its never mentioned again throughout the series. I’m guessing after you’re first year, you’re either on the quidditch team, or you don’t need the flying lessons anymore.

The Golden Trio look scared at what they're learning about during a Care of Magical Creatures class

It also puzzles me why they don’t take classes on the current status of the muggle or wizarding world. Maybe that’s what Muggle Studies is, but since Harry never took the class, as readers, we really have no idea what the class covers. Since classes are approved by the Ministry of Magic, and the teachers are given free reign over the subjects, why doesn’t the ministry approve a 6th or 7th year course on the inner workings of the government. This could be a great program to get students interested in working for the Ministry after graduation.


Students revolted and taught themselves DADA after the ministry took over Hogwarts in Harry's 5th Year

The curriculum is very practical based, and as I’ve stated before, strays away from the creative arts. I imagine that most of the curriculum has been the same since Dumbledore himself attended Hogwarts. So once again, I wonder exactly how the students learn the basics of reading and writing, or even the history o the culture. We all took history classes when we were younger; they weren’t in-depth my any means, but it laid out the groundwork for theoretical classes in high school and college. But Hogwarts doesn’t allow for this. There are no “universities” or “colleges” students can attend if they wish to continue studying after graduation.


Sixth year students, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, look like they've forgotten how to read and write

What do you think of the education system in the wizarding world? Is Hogwarts the only school that chooses to have a more traditional based curriculum? Do Beauxbatons or Durmstrang have something entirely different? How do you think future Hogwarts students learn the basics of reading and writing? And if you had a child who would be attending Hogwarts when they turned eleven, how would you choose to educate them?

Categories: Harry Potter

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How the coronavirus pandemic has changed the dating scene

In this year of isolation, bubbles, Physical distancing and the hardship of the road ahead, Those seeking caring love are acutely feeling their singlehood.

It's pretty hard to meet people when you're workingfrom your home, Socializing only with close buddies, And if there is no such thing as a spontaneous or carefree approach of a stranger.

but Blackwood, Who physical lives alone, acknowledges the last five months have been lonely at times. Her one try at to start dating,to start a date stood her up, But still she sees the potential romance in it all.

"there's a simple lovely Austen esque quality to COVID dates, In the sense that you need to stay a respectable distance away from each other at all times, And one of a lot of has the plague,

Dating coach and matchmaker Laura Bilotta says the pandemic has meant many singles are supporting more efficient their dating games.

"is in fact a really good time to date right now because the pressures of having sex are pretty much off the table, At least when we take out. specifically shifting a bit in Stage 3, But I don't advocate being physical too early, had to talk about Bilotta.

"I think a lot of people are making the effort to connect.

"Maybe you might be gonna connect with people emotionally before moving into the physical,

And there are big social issues, A global health crisis and racial injustice and this includes, That make for big opportunities for meaningful conversations that might not always be a fixture of typical learning the needs of you dates.

Bilotta has had a pandemic date in a market parking lot. A friend and her date ordered fast food takeout and sat in their individual cars and ate together.

Bilotta's Single in the City service began hosting virtual speed dating events through the pandemic. Singles speak one on one for about five minutes before shifting to possible problem candidate. Each participant answers whether they wish to meet again. If both take yes, Single in the City provides their full profiles and their email addresses.

Jasmyn Ellis has loved her dating route in 2020. She taken part in a "flutter" Of virtual dates during lockdown, Including cooking and eating dinner in respected kitchens, And watching a Netflix movie together through an app that syncs the movie for each watcher and allows them to chat as you're watching. That kind of time connecting gave her a good idea pretty quickly whether there was a potential connection.

"Some of my buddies haven't enjoyed it, But I not have any complaints. it is great, had to talk about Ellis. "I've never been wooed as much
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as i've been now,

Ellis says she has been extremely careful about meeting in person. it big step and means "I already feel something within your,

So she has met a handful of good dates after finding them on Bumble, For walks all over Vancouver's sea wall, A picnic in the park, building takeout and eating outside. She's vigilant about safeguards, So after each interacting with of a new person, She advises her bubble of six friends that she is going to stay away for 14 days.

"it is just too scary. I never want to be the reason that someone gets sick, The 29 year old calgary resident said.

One guy she's met this morning is "Really completely unique, alleges Ellis, But circumstances are moving very slowly.

Jasmyn Ellis of calgary says she's never been wooed so much as she has during pandemic dating.

"It reminds me of being in junior high and highschool again. I'm getting butterflies just about meeting. It's not really an option to be physical right now, So there is this build up to really get to know someone. It's like puppy love from the start,

But additionally there is a grown up aspect to many of the long conversations she's had with potential matches a mutual sharing of vulnerability and loneliness in a time of crisis and isolation.

"I was by myself for so long and really feeling the deficiency of human connection. Those virtual dates early on were so great to have,

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Understand one universal truth every break up will be painful,
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And regardless of the you see in her, You should respect that. each of you may feel resentment, hate, unnecessary aggravation, Indecisions, And retaliation may all table, But resist the urge to do these. If you look at her with heat, you will simply clash and make it impossible for her to take you back.

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