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5 Things I miss About 'LOST'

Posted by Christina Cooper on February 10, 2011 at 4:49 PM

5. Loving Tuesdays

During the final season, Tuesday was 'Lost' day, and every Tuesday, my group of Lost fanatics would gather and talk about last weeks episode.  Everyone in the dorm knew not to bother us, or even dare talk during our hour from 8 til 9.  It was the one day of the week where I had something totally awesome to look forward too.  

4. Rewatching 'LOST'

For some, summer is a time to relax and regain on sleep from the school year, and maybe even pick up some shifts at your dads restaurant.  But 'Lost' fans know that it means you've got all summer to rewatch 'Lost', and anazlyze every episode with your friends.  Does it mean something when Christian Shepard wears white shoes in a scene, verses black shoes.  Rewatching 'lost' is something that I've been doing over the past five summers, and even though I've go no new season to look forward to anymore, I can't stop watching.

3. Making Up Theories

I loved going online right after the episode ended and heading straight for the forums and blogs where I could discuss what I had just seen.  I'm sure you remember some of the crazier theories... How about the one where the Island is purgatory... Wait a mintue. DIdn't that sorta happen...  (Well not exactly, but some still think the fake alternate universe was a cop out)   Or the early seaon theories about how Aaron and Walt had some connection to the island, or who is Penny's mother??   What made 'Lost' amazing, was the fact you could spend hours talking about one single event in the episode, and never come to the same conclusion as your friend. 

2. The Cast and Crew

'Lost' would not have been the same show without its amazing cast and always tweeting crew.  Thanks to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, fans were constantly checking their twitters to see if any fan questions had been answered, or check to see if the two would comment about anything on the show.  The cast, lead by Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway, were huge fans of the show from the start, and seemed to understand and like the fans obsession with it.  The cast also grew as the season progressed as soon to be fan favorites Elizabth Mitchell and Michael Emerson joined the cast in season 6, and the rest is history.

1. The Excitment of the Finale

Although the finale was hated by many (well I think people were mad at first, and then refused to admit they liked it), it was the excitement that led up to the finale that allowed Lost to go out in style.  Even though I was out -of-state, My friend and I were able to watch it together over the internet, and call each other during every commercial break, trying to, for the last time, understand 'Lost.'  I could have watched a ten hour episode of 'Lost' if Lindelof and Cuse had allowed me too, but the 2 and a half hour finale did the show justice.  Although it was controversial, after a day of thinking about it nonstop, I had realized how much I loved it. Lost had been a huge part of my life, and even gave me something more to talk about with my fellow nerd friends. I could easily have listed over a hundred things I miss about 'Lost', but look out next week for my post about the 10 best Lost Episodes. 

Hey guys, remember, we've got to live together, or we're gonna die alone... 

(I miss it so much!)

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Reply Kimberly Morris
12:23 AM on February 13, 2011 
The people in the dorm definitely knew tuesdays were our days. They rescheduled fire drills around us. We basically ruled the dorm. I remember threatening to make signs that said, "hey shut the fuck up lost is on" in case those girly girls didn't understand the true meaning that was "lost."
Reply ktleavs
5:57 PM on February 13, 2011 
Welcome to the blog Kim Moms its good to see the membership growing!
Reply Mo Corcoran
2:39 AM on February 17, 2011 
Couldn't agree more with the things you miss about LOST. I just loved how every episode seemed to take a completely different turn than one would guess, but somehow everything was completely tied together by the time the finale came. Pure genius.
Reply Kimberly Morris
10:42 AM on March 2, 2011 
We need to revamp the LOST rewatch. Were only one S1E4!