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Has Veronica Mars Changed the Movie Business?

Posted by Christina Cooper on March 16, 2013 at 9:45 PM


It seems that someone is listening to our nerd prayers... Although Veronica Mars has been off the air for six years, there's an excellent chance that it can be brought back with your help!!  Creator Rob Thomas, alongside with Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, created a Kickstarter campaign to get funds from the fans for a Veronica Mars movie!!  The original goal of $2 million was reached in just  four hours!!  Currently the pledged amount is at $3.5 million, but the project is backed by over 53,000 fans!  


After I squealed and texted a few friends the good news, I decided to read the fine print and find out how this movie could actually get made.  On the Kickstarter page, Rob Thomas wrote about how the studio was willing to give them the rights to make the movie if the money was there.  Now that the money has been made, the process to begin pre-production begins.  As the cast states in the video on Kickstarter, they plan to shoot the movie this summer with a release in early 2014.  A release on-demand and other streaming services will follow soon after the official release!


I know. Doesn't it seem like we're all going to wake up and realize this is some awesome dream we were all having?  But, no, in fact, the impossible has happened and we are getting a VERONICA MARS movie!!!!


Now that Veronica Mars has been able to receive an almost 'second life' because of its fans, countless other canceled or ended cult TV shows have began to stir.  Shows like Chuck, Pushing Daises, etc, have a very strong and vocal dedicated fanbase, with a creative team that has a strong desire to have their show back on the air in anyway.  Since the success of Veronica Mars, Zachary Levi has tweeted several times about the possibility for a Chuck movie.  Like Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell with Mars, Zachary Levi and crew want to keep making Chuck as much as we keep wanting to watch it. 


But, not every show may be quite as lucky as Veronica Mars.  Although V-Mars fanatic, Joss Whedon has been quoted saying a Firefly Kickstarter wouldn't work.  There's always the possibility that the network won't give up the rights to the show, but in Joss's case, he's far too busy.  He's signed a contract with Marvel until 2015 and is probably going to have to hold back even working on Dr. Horrible 2 until Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is complete.  


But, let's just say, for the sake of our dreams, that every studio would allow creators the right to make either a movie, miniseries, or full season of TV with money funded by the fans.  Would shows with large enough fanbases (or large enough checkbooks) be able to make almost any movie they want?  Could shows such as Chuck, Pushing Daises, Gilmore Girls, Angel, or even X-Files see a new dawn?  With the popularity of Netflix, shows like Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Angel, X-Files, Lost and Firelfy have found a new, young audience.  


How will networks respond to the success of The Veronica Mars Movie? Will networks allow creative rights back to showrunners if there is enough fan support to actually make the film.  The future of the film industry could very well be changed if studios work with the creative team as well as WB has worked with Rob Thomas. 


How do you feel about this possible future of movie making?  Is it exciting or dangerous that fans can possibly have this much control over a project that they love?  What happens if fans are happy to fund the project but then unhappy with the final product?  

You can donate/support the Veronica Mars kickstarter here.  

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