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Marvel Releases New Iron Man 3 Trailer

Posted by Christina Cooper on March 6, 2013 at 3:40 AM

Marvel has released the latest full-length Iron Man 3 trailer. The trailer shows Tony fighting for his life against the Mandarin. The trailer wasn’t focused on Tony Stark’s normal sarcasm and wit, instead it focussed more on Tony attempting to survive and protect Pepper. Check out the full trailer below:

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The trailer also shows more into the already confirmed Extremis story line- and essentially shows how Tony has turned his Iron Man armor into an Iron Legion. Pepper Potts will be playing a larger role, and as the trailer alludes to, Pepper may join Tony in suiting up. There’s an off shot of a scene where Pepper isn’t wearing a shirt, which may lead to her putting on her own suit.

Although I just read an interesting story about Shane Black commenting on this film leaving the door open for a possible 4th Iron Man movie. But, currently, Iron Man 3 is the final film in Robert Downey Jr’s Marvel contract. He’s recently spoken out about leaving the Iron Man saga and even said he’s be okay be being recast. If I were Marvel, I’d resign Downey for Avengers 2. Killing off Tony Stark in Avengers 2 would allow for him and Pepper to have a son who could one day restart the Iron Man saga.

Joss Whedon’s comments about Avengers 2 being filled with ‘death and more death‘, I feel like we’ll be losing more than one beloved Avenger next time around. Killing Robert Downey Jr off a series that he can essentially get credit for jump starting is dangerous, but also something I can see Joss Whedon doing. Not only would it be shocking for movie goers, it would change the make-up of the Avengers as a unit, and the Marvel cinematic universe as a whole.

With Wondercon only a mere 3 weeks away, I’m hoping Marvel has a large presence (at least on the floor) and has some awesome Iron Man 3 swag. Although we here at Frak Earth are trying to stay spoiler free- check back for more unspoilerly updates on Iron Man 3. Iron Man 3 is set to hit theaters May 3, 2013.

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