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More Tips For First Time Con-Goers

Posted by Christina Cooper on July 9, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Since all I'm doing is thinking about Comic-Con, I thought I would take the time to share even more about the ins and outs of the Con for all of those who may be nervous about attending SDCC.

You've all heard the rumors about how Twilight has ruined Comic-Con and how insane waiting in line is for the bigger panels. Or maybe you’ve heard the horror stories of people spending the night in line for tickets for next years show and they lucked out.. Well, in all honestly, that was very true for years past. Badges will not be sold for the 2013 show this week, so just focus on having a great time at this Con.

I personally don't think that Twilight has ruined Comic-Con. Do I think it has a right to be there?? No, I don't. But there are thousands of fans who would disagree with me. Twilight fans get a lot of hate from other fandoms for being crazy/annoying/or fangirlish. But weren’t we all once 13 and so passionate about something that we got overly engrossed in it?? Okay, maybe we aren’t at the same level as some of the crazier fans (have you seen the creepy tattoos on some of those moms?) but aren't we all part of fandoms that can sometimes be crazy, annoying or fanboy or girlish??!! The answer is YES!

My first piece of advice to you: is don't get wrapped up in who or what's "ruining comic-con." Last year, I even wrote on article over the fact that Comic-Con has changed significantly from being about the fans to now being so mainstream that the big movie studios have taken over. But either way, Comic-Con is still incredibly fun, awesome event that I hope to attend every summer! Take a look below at some random tidbits and tips that will help you better understand comic-con as a whole:


Remember to pack a lunch, and bring tons of water and snacks. - you're going to be munching away during panels and while waiting in lines outside.

Bring chargers/extra batteries etc- you don't want to be the nerd with the dead camera/iphone when the cast of Avengers unexpectedly trots on state.

Know what booths have your favorite SWAG- by the end of your first day on the comic-con floor, you’ll be able to see what booths give away the good stuff. I’m assuming it will be the bigger ones like Showtime, Marvel, or WB. So make sure you go to the those booths often and check back to get more free swag. I would arrive at Comic-Con between 4-6 am everyday. On Thursday and Sunday this time could be later, but remember, if you have to pick up a badge on either of those days, you're going to have to wait in that line before you can enter the line to get into Ballroom 20, Hall H or the Floor.

If you're planning on going to Hall H or Ballroom 20 events you should know straight up that you're only going to be able to do that for the entire day. If you're like me and want to see Iron Man 3 at 6pm on Saturday, then be prepared to get in the Hall H line early (probably 5AM) and camp out in the hall all day. You can always chance it and go to the floor first and then try and get in line as the morning goes on. Sometimes the room will clear after bigger panels during the day (This may happen Thursday after Twilight) which means you might be able to sneak back in. But other times the line can get up to 6 hours long and you take the chance of not getting in at all.

Check your twitter. Constantly. - I cannot stress this enough. Some of my best finds at Comic-Con came from looking at twitter and discovering something was happening that I had been unaware of. Last year my friend got a tweet about a few extra tickets for one of Nerd HQ's panels. Twitter can be you best friend if you use it correctly.  

Parking vs the Shuttle- The shuttle was not running 24 hours in previous years, so I always drove my own car because I would level way before the shuttle service would start. I'm not sure how helpful the shuttles will be this year, but you can always try them out the first day and decide if that's how you want to do the rest of the Con. Also, ask a cop if he knows of any free parking. There are a few streets (it's a bit of a walk, but it's FREE) that if you ask the right person, you may be able to luck out.  

Badge Pickup- If you're going to be at Comic-Con for preview night, I would arrive between 1-3 pm. This will give you more than enough time to drive down, hopefully traffic free, and grab your pass before the lines start. Preview night is not as busy as the other nights, but you still want to arrive early and see as much stuff as you can.  

Autographs- Know which of your favorite celebs are doing autographs on each day, and figure out exactly where.  Sometimes studios will do them and make them a lotto system, which means you'll have a much harder time guaranteeing a chance to do them.  But some celebs will be signing at random booths and will be tweeting out to fans, or will have information that can be found in the Comic-Con scheduling book.  

Remember, Comic-Con (as in life) is all about being at the right place at the right time.

Have fun.  Breath.   Take it all in. And remember, you're at the San Diego Comic-Con, it's the best four days you're gonna have all year!!  Nerd out!!

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