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The Avengers SMASHES at the Box-office

Posted by Christina Cooper on May 7, 2012 at 1:10 PM

The Avengers was always meant to be a summer blockbuster movie, but I don't think that anyone could have imagined that the movie would bring in over $200 million it's first weekend.  The $200 million haul has bested Harry Potter's previous hold of $169.2 million to win best opening weekend every..  Avengers has made $200.3 million dollars, and since most fans are dying to go back for another viewing, I'm sure this movie is only going to see it's profits rise and rise as more fans head back to theaters.

But Avengers is doing business differently than most other big-budget movies.  Anyone who saw the movie early, or before it was released in the United States last Friday, wasn't shown the final end-credits scene. Most fans left after the first scene played almost directly as the final credits started. And if you haven't seen the movie yet, and wish to stay spoiler free, then skip to the next section.  You've been warned SPOILER WARNING- The first after credits scene set up Avengers 2, and showed who had actually been working with Loki to divide the Avengers.  The second scene was added after Downey ad-libbed his lines after coming back from the dead near the end of Avengers. The gang goes for a meal to the Shawarma restaurant that Tony had mentioned earlier as something they should do as a team to celebrate.  

If you haven't seen Avengers yet, make sure you head to a theater to catch it sooner rather than later.  This is definitely one movie that is more watchable and enjoyable on a movie theater screen verses ones home television.  And also, if you're willing to fork over the extra $8.50, be sure to catch Avengers in 3D.  

Source: Moviefone


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