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Mass Effect 3: Are you ready?

Posted by Christina Cooper on March 5, 2012 at 8:35 PM

The third game in the Mass Effect trilogy is bound to be incredible, and I can only hope that it surpasses the awesomeness that is Mass Effect 2.  Although some fans complained that the game spent too much time on dialogue, I felt that it was the dialogue and important decisions that made the game much more fun.  I played it through the first time without consulting masseffectwiki, but after a few of my squadmates were killed during my suicide mission, I decided it was time for a replay.  This time I didn't import my FemShep save from the first game, and started out with a custom MaleShep. 

This time through I made sure that I completed all loyalty mission, and downloaded all the DLCs.  I began to understand the difference between paragon and renegade and how each decision affects Shepard. I ended up losing Jack during my suicide mission because I chose Miranda over Jack in their fight after Miranda's loyalty mission.  I didn't have enough paragon to make Jack forget her anger, and honestly wasn't that sad to see her go.  I usually took Miranda and Garrus on all of my missions anyways.  


Since we are on the eve of Mass Effect 3, I can only wonder just how soon we will get to get the squad back together from Mass Effect 2.  I played the demo, and can see that Ashley or Kaiden will be back depending on if you play as Male or Female Shepard.  I have chosen not to read any spoilers, and with the game already leaked onto all platforms, It's been tough avoiding reddit and other websites where spoilers have been leaked.  Even so, I'm fairly certain that all squadmates will play a small role in the third game.  

With the release of the game only mere hours away, how are you preparing for the final battle?  Are you replaying ME1 or ME2, or are you planning on attending one of Bioware's ME3 release parties? Click here out if you want to attend a launch party.  If you're stuck in the library studying like I am, Bioware will be livestreaming all the content HERE

And just to get you even more excited for tomorrow check out the Take Back Earth Trailer from Bioware.


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All of your decisions have come down to this.  How will your journey end?  Sound off in the comments. 

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